Plywood Panels and Tiles: Our vintage plywood centers around what was commonly called “Weldtex” or “Combed” or “Striated” Plywood.  Our understanding is that U.S. Plywood manufactured this unique panel and called it “Weldtex.” It was used in a variety of ways.  As wall panels, ceiling tiles, and exterior siding.  Many of our customers report that their existing plywood panels are 3/8″ thick.  Both for ceiling tile application and accent walls.

Most of what we manufacture is made from 3/8″ thick, Monterrey pine plywood. The largest plywood panel we sell is 23 7/8″ x 96″.  We also produce smaller sizes for ceiling tiles  See our page ordering/pricing for details on sizes and pricing.  Of course you can always call us (415) 883-5300 or email ( us for more information.  One of the unique aspects of our combed panels is that when applied to a wall or ceiling edge to edge on the long side, the joints are impossible to see.  However, this is not true end to end.  In such cases, most often molding is used to cover the joints.  When longer lengths are needed, we recommend paint grade poplar.  See below under hardwoods.

One important note regarding our combed plywood.  We cannot mill this unique face on hardwood plywood.  The reason is that hardwood plywood has a much too thin face veneer on it.  If we attempted to mill the combed (striated) pattern on such a thin veneer our mill would cut right through the hardwood face and destroy it.  Not good!  Below is a picture of the edge of our Monterrey pine plywood showing the needed thickness veneer face.

What About Solid Hardwood?  If the combed pattern is desired on hardwood, the alternative is to use solid hardwood boards, not plywood.  Most often we use either 1×6 or 1×8 wide hardwood lumber.  Keep in mind this is solid wood, not plywood panels.  We have the capability to mill the hardwood boards on to 3/4″ stock, or mill them thinner to 3/8″ stock.

This provides the opportunity to apply solid hardwood to cabinet work, casements, or accent walls in a variety of patterns.  Below is an example of 3/4″ solid walnut 1×8. Typically we don’t stock the combed pattern in the hardwood species, but they can be custom ordered, call or email for more information.

We also use poplar wood in the same 1×6 or 1×8 sizes.  Poplar makes a great paint grade application when longer lengths are needed than our 96″ long plywood panels.  These can be milled from either 3/4″ or 3/8″ thick stock for accent walls, wainscot, casement work, etc.

Exterior Siding Applications: We have many customers in the US and Canada who report that their homes have combed material on the exterior.  Sometimes this is in the plywood panel configuration mentioned above, but sometimes it is in the form of tongue and groove clear cedar.  Since we have had a number of requests for such applications we now mill this same pattern on clear cedar.  Below is a sample picture of this material.  Due to the nature of tongue groove cedar, the joints when placed together are invisible.

Cedar T & G

Paint grade poplar, 1×6 milled to 3/8″ thickness for accent walls, cabinet applications, etc.