Does the Pattern of the Ribbed or Striated Pattern Match Older Versions?

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Wood tile inlay-weldtexWe get asked this question quite often. What if you have pre-existing combed panels or tiles and you need to replace old ones with some of our new versions, will it match? Here’s what we know from customers who have had similar concerns.

To date we have supplied hundreds of our Weldtex tiles and wall panels to customers through out the U.S. Some have replaced damaged or missing sections, and others have added it to new rooms or a new wall. We are told that old and new patterns match quite well. Please keep in mind we are talking about the actual pattern of the striations, or grooves, vs. the color. Color is a much different issue, and you will need to stain or paint to match whatever you have pre-existing. We do not offer any pre-stained finishes on our textured plywood.

Having said  that, is the pattern a perfect match? We assume that over the years that slight changes were made in the milling process of the wood tiles and panels. Blades were re-sharpened and as a result the pattern would have changed to some degree. But because of the unique appearance of the pattern there is so much for the eye to see that these slight differences are not that noticeable.

Over and over again, folks express how happy they are that they found our products.  For some great examples on how Weldtex was used decades ago, check this out site.

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