The Unique Checker Board Ceiling Tile Effect

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One of the most common ways that this unique textured wood tile was used was in a checkboard layout.

Most commonly applied to ceilings in 90 degree opposition to each other. When the ribbed or combed tiles are used this way, there is a color variation that results.  The use of ribbed ceiling tiles is very vintage 1950’s.

This is because of the way the light and shadows play across the wood textured grooved patterns. It’s so unique that people often think that different colored tiles were used.

Notice the result of the first photo, it appears that half of the tiles are one color and the other half are another color. This variation is the result of the way the ambient light is hitting the ceiling. In reality they are the same color they were not stained differently.

What about actually changing the color of every other tile?

Combed plywood wall tiles with tiki design

Stained Weldtex Wall Panels

Some folks have done just that, and it creates more of a dramatic effect. This can be done not only on ceilings, but also on accent walls as well. The more the color variation, the more diverse the effect will be. Here are some examples just to get your creative juices flowing!

Wooden ceiling tile, vintage 1950's

Grey and Whilte Ceiling Tiles

Here is a customer’s photo that shows a Tiki bar approach to design. The color variationis much more of a contrast than simply the result of turning the squares in 90 degree angles.

What about going all the way with the checkboard look? Here is an example of grey and white painted tiles.

If you want to create a ceiling similar to the ones shown here, or some kind of variation, check out our Ordering/Pricing page and indicate what you are interested in. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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