The Great Popcorn Ceiling Cover Up

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Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Ahhh the famous mid-century modern popcorn ceiling!  You’ve heard the stories, maybe you have even done it yourself.

You hate the dated look so you scrape it off.  You water it down, giving it a real good soaking and then scrap off the soggy mess.  It’s doable, and lot of people have done just that.  But there is another option to consider.

Cover it!  Yes that’s right, leave it alone and completely change the look of your ceiling.  Use the combed checker board effect, or the larger ceiling wall panel.  We don’t have any examples yet, of a herring bone effect, but that’s another idea.

In fact almost any pattern that builders have done with wood, can be done with Weldtex.  Of couse you would not be limited to only our plywood panels, but you could also create a beautiful hardwood ceiling as well.

We are confident that as more and more people discover this great throw-back to mid-century modern design, we will see more and more creative application of its use.

Since our combed panels are light weight, they could work great as a cover up.  Consult with a contractor about how exactly your ceiling joists run, and consider adding furring strips to mount the panels to.

The popcorn cover up is not as rare, or as strange of an idea as you might think.  A number of websites promote such an approach and if you do a quick search on the topic a number of sites and ideas will show up.  We located a collection of ideas to help your creativity.   Even if you decide not to use our material, maybe we helped you think outside the box a little.  Popcorn is great at the movies, but on the ceiling, not so much!

If you want to review our prices, sizes and options for both plywood combed panels, and hardwood planks, check out our ordering/pricing page.

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