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Three Dimensional Texture

One of the cool things about our wood ceiling tiles and accent wall panels is its three dimensional pattern.  At first glance it may appear to be similar to a fabric wall covering, or even a printed wall paper.  But it’s not of course, it’s an actual ribbed or varied beaded wood texture.  You will often find that your guests will want to reach out and touch it, often exclaiming, “what is this?”varied texture of combed plywood

Designed to Appear Random

The pattern was designed to appear to be quite random in nature.  The “peaks and valleys” are not meant to be exact replicas of each other.  It’s nothing like beadboard.  Or you might call it beadboard on steroids!  And when applied together as wall panels, edge to edge, the seam disappears and the wall pattern is continuous.

painted wall covering beaded textureAdditionally an added advantage is that since it can be painted in vibrant mid-century modern colors there is literally no limit to the variations you can have.  With wall paper you are pretty much stuck (pun seems to apply here!) the pattern you have glued to the wall, unless you repaper.

Weldtex is pretty easy to paint with a combination of a brush and roller.  So when you get tired of the look, simply repaint it and change the color. Just as you would any wall.  But it does not look like any wall with its great striated texture. Because it is full of peaks, valleys, all in various shapes and sizes.

Old Meets New

Because it was created in the 40’s and used up as late as the early 70’s many people have seen it. However, they often do not know what it was called.  They’ve seen it perhaps in an older relatives home, maybe while visiting when they were just young children.

Combed Wooden Ceiling Tiles, Starlight Village

Starlight Village, Austin TX

As people see our recreation of it, they often find uses in brand new designs.  See our blog post entitled Starlight Village: Mid-Century Meets the 21st Century for a great example of a new development incorporating our panels.

How to Learn More

To learn more about options of combed Weldtex wood tiles and wall panels, with the unique striated texture check out our order/pricing page.  Because there you can find the various sizes we offer, and ask questions.

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