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We appreciate the conversations we have with many of our customers who are so grateful that they finally found our vintage wood tiles and wall panels for their MCM or 50’s home.  You might imagine looking up at your ceiling or over at your accent wall and wondering what is that material?  If you don’t know the name Weldtex (the old brand name) or the terms “striated” or “combed.” It’s hard to know what search terms to use.  Ribbed wood tiles, corrugated wood panels,  old wooden tiles, vintage wood paneling, checkerboard ceiling tiles and the list goes on and on.  Then they wonder, what kind of wood is it?  Solid wood, plywood, redwood, or cedar? If you have these kinds of questions check out this post on our blog.

Below is a growing list of comments from our customers.  We are so glad they took the time to write.


I purchased some Weldtex panels to repair some exterior soffit on a mid 1950’s era ranch home.  It blended well with the existing soffit and prevented having to replace the soffit around the entire house.  Thanks for providing this vintage paneling.

M.O. – Ashland, KY


I purchased vertical combed panels from Vintage Plywood Millworks,  in October of 2019 for a project in Tacoma, WA.  Could not find any locally.  Needed to replace cedar combed panels, I purchased the pine panels from Jeff.  They matched beautifully.  I highly recommend Eichler siding and Vintage Plywood, Jeff was easy to work with and his product came in on time and exactly as he said it would.


Tacoma, WA.
PHC Manager


Having just purchased our 1958 MCM home, we had a lot of work to do AND a lot to learn.  The soffit around the chimney was a little rotten, and the previous owner had tried to fix it, but instead just pulled off the bad wood and left it at that.  We came to realize that we had no idea what to look for to repair it, because we didn’t even know what to call the material that’s up there!  So, I took a photo and posted it on a local Facebook page where other people like us look for help with their homes.  Immediately, someone replied and told me that it’s called ‘’striated/combed’’ plywood, and sent me a link to Jeff at Eichler Siding/Vintage Plywood Mill Works.  Before ordering what we needed, I looked around locally for something like it, and found that Eichler is the only place in the US making this product again.

Jeff was super helpful and patient in answering all of our questions before shipping us exactly what we needed to make the repair.  He even cut the pieces down to ship them, saving us a ton on shipping!

Now, if Winter would just hold off a little longer, we can get up there and fix the soffit.  If not, it will be a Spring cleanup project.  Thanks Jeff and Eichler Siding!!

JP, Highland Heights, KY (Greater Cincinnati)


Opening the crate from Jeff at Eichler Siding was like getting a surprise birthday present.

combed cedar 1x6

Clear Cedar Tongue and Groove

The solid stock striated cedar (in eight-foot lengths) is absolutely gorgeous. We had been searching and searching for such a product to no avail…no one seemed to carry it. The original manufacturer in Ohio had long since closed. A lumber yard was cost prohibitive because special tooling would be needed and tagged onto the cost of the actual combed cedar planks.

Remodeling around our front door left a big gap and begged for the exact match as our mid-century house—-and that’s what Jeff was able to deliver.

Thanks so much.

Lynn M Ohio


If you are looking for authentic striated wall board from the 50-60s era for your retro renovation product, then this is it.

Actually, it is even better because it is slightly thicker. I looked for months to find the product and was more than happy to pass along the company information to my carpenter in Austin, TX who works selectivity on vintage projects.

The company website is informative, the product is fairly priced and shipping is an option…trifecta!

Brenda, Austin TX

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