Mid Century Modern Room Divider: Starlight Village, Leander Texas

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Starlight Village in Leander Texas came up with some creative ways to use our combed panels.  Striated or combed ceiling tiles, and wall panels are the common ways this material was used in the 1950’s.

However, Mike Kopecky and his team, added brilliant color, along with other MCM interior touches and created a wonderful look.

Island faced with combed plywood (Weldtex) and room divider in the distance.

Shown here on the left is a view of both the kitchen island and then a entry divider near the red front door.

Mike got the idea and personally built the divider.  First time we’ve seen this use of our panels.  Using the vivid colors “vintage” materials becomes brilliant Mid-Century Modern.

This shot is of “The Apollo” (Starlight Village) found in a community called “MCM dream homes” by Atomic Ranch Magazine.

Here’s a  close up of the entry divider. The texture of the combed surface is a little difficult to see but clearly these are better than flat non descript panels.

Entry room divider


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