Kirk Douglas Estate Palm Springs

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Designed by Donald Wexler and built by Robert Higgins in 1954, the 4,000 square-foot home was originally built for Bob Howard, whose father owned the legendary thoroughbred racehorse, Seabiscuit. Howard kept it for a short time before selling the property to the Douglases in 1957.

Kirk Douglas sold the home in 1999. (

Combed cabinet doors

Corner bookcase, Kirk Douglas Estate


The current owners of the former Douglas estate, Michael Budman and Diane Bald from Toronto, bought the house in April 2016 and have given it a “sensitive renovation” during which some of the original architectural features have been restored.

Combed accent wall, Kirk Douglass Estate

Corner accent wall

As part of that restoration, they installed our combed material in several places in the home.  You can see that the unique texture of the product really turns what might be a plain bookcase, or wall into a beautiful accent wall.  We toured the home as part of Modernism Week, 2019.  Diane was a gracious host to us, and we really appreciated seeing first hand how the material was used.

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