Q: Are different types of plywood available like hardwood, walnut etc.?

A: No the only type of combed plywood we use is a Monterrey Pine faced plywood. Hardwood plywood does not have a thick enough face veneer for the combed effect to be milled into the face.

PLEASE NOTE: We can’t make the unique combed/striated pattern on any other plywood other than the PINE. Therefore all widths larger than 8” will have to be from Pine plywood. If you want oak, walnut, birch, cherry, etc. (hardwoods) these will need to be milled from the hardwood planks listed on our order page.

Q: Do you offer different colors of plywood. Or primed and painted panels?

A: No we only offer raw wood panels, either in plywood, Monterrey Pine face, or solid stock lumber boards for various kinds of wall treatments. However you will need to finish the material.

Q: Can you make full 4×8 sheets of combed plywood panels?

A: No the largest panel we make is 23 7/8” x 96”

Q: What if I want a hardwood instead of the plywood pine panel combed look?

A: We can mill solid stock walnut and other wood species depending upon their hardness and availability, but keep in mind that would be solid lumber like 1×6 or 1×8 boards, not plywood.

Q: Is this available in a cedar lumber product?

A: Yes it is, we can mill this from 1×4, (t&g) 1×6 (t&g) or 1×8 (square edge) solid stock lumber boards, but there is no cedar plywood available that is suitable for combing the face.

Q: What is the difference between plywood and solid stock lumber?

A: Plywood is made up of individual layers of thin veneer panels sandwiched together. Solid stock lumber is solid wood, no veneer layers at all. And is only available typically in 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ boards/planks in various lengths.