Striated Hardwoods - Hardwood Planks

Hardwood Planks

One of the options that we offer in the combed pattern that was not offered back in the 1950’s, is a hardwood plank version.  The larger ceiling and wall panels we offer are all in the plywood material like was commonly produced in the mid-century.  Therefore, if your home was built in the 50’s – 60’s and has the striated ribbed texture in either ceiling panels, or wall panels, chances are it’s plywood.  However, if you are creating a new accent wall, ceiling, cabinet facing or a MCM furniture piece, another option would be the hardwood planks or boards.

Typically we mill the combed hardwood to 3/8″ thick, by 5 1/2″ wide, in various lengths.  Common combed hardwood species we supply are birch, oak, walnut and mahogany.

Other species are also available.  The nature of hardwoods is that they lend themselves to various stains and finishes.  The plywood versions can be stained, best using a stain conditioner (Minwax) to control the penetration of the stain in the mix of hard and soft grain.

If your accent wall or ceiling is going to be painted, then the ribbed plywood might be the best way to go.  However, if a more elegant application is desired, hardwood may be the ticket.

The 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ plank size works well as accent wall panels and ceilings.  Most hardwoods are available in over 10′-11′ lengths, therefore on taller walls no horizontal seam will be needed.

If your wall will be painted instead of stained, and it is taller than 8′ then choosing paint grade poplar is another possibility.  Call or email and we will be happy to clarify your options.