Wall paneling for homes has gone through many changes over the years.  Some of the various types have gone out of style.  Most of what was produced was pretty simple in nature, and varied only in color, and the spacing of the vertical grooves that were milled into the surface of the wood.

There is one unique exception that was created in the late 40’s and early 50’s, and that was the classic mid century modern wall paneling known as the brand “Weldtex.”  You can see from the various pictures on our website what makes the appearance of this vintage paneling so unique.  It’s the unique beaded wall panel texture.

accent wall panel

Interior wall, Holiday Lounge, New York

The combination of peaks and valley or “striations” make this vintage wall panel stand out from the rest.  Some people refer to this look as “ribbed,” “corrugated” or “combed” or even beadboard panels.   Many people have seen it in a converted basement, or attic, or as an accent wall.  We have had customers who have entire rooms with all four walls covered with it.  In addition to tiled or paneled walls, entire ceilings were covered with a unique checkerboard effect.

Donald Deskey, In 1931, for the showman Samuel L. Rothafel and the Rockefeller family, created the interiors of Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, New York, introducing aluminium foil wallpaper in the men’s smoking lounge. His Radio City interiors, together with a luxury apartment he designed for Rothafel in the same building, survive as his masterpieces.

Though there is only somewhat of a crude drawing of it, Mr. Deskey had a concept of what he called a “Sports Shack” which we be the equivalent to today’s “Man Cave,” you can get the idea of what he was thinking.

Sports Shack, Donald Deskey, 1940’s