Weldtex wall Orbit In - Mid-century modern accent walls

Accent Walls

One of the unique aspects of Weldtex, and the combed texture is that it turns flat walls into a tactile surface .  In fact many of our customers remark that one of the first things guests want to do in their home when they see their paneled walls, is that they want to touch it.

This unique mid-century modern wood wall covering offers a variety of uses, from straight wall panels, to the checker board application of the wood tiles.  The wood tile checker board installation can be done on ceilings or walls.

This multidimensional pattern is one of the central design aspects that make this material so  unique, and so mid-century in design. Stained or painted, there really is nothing quite like it.

Because the pattern runs vertically, seams along the edges of the panels practically disappear when joined together.  This means that the pattern tends to look continuous without any breaks between the individual sheets. When a full length wall is covered with these panels it really looks amazing!

Above left is a picture of the lobby of the Orbit In, located in Palm Springs. Here you can see how easily the panels look seamless.

This is a great example of an accent wall.  The rest of the room had flat walls painted in the similar color.  Of course you can imagine that this wall creates quite a statement and captures the eye almost immediate when entering.

Holiday Lounge accent wall with striated stained plywood

Holiday Lounge New York

Another example of an accent wall with our panels is found in the New York based, Holiday Cocktail Lounge. In this application, the wood combed panels were installed in aluminum channels.  This type of design calls attention to individual sheets vs. seeking the appearance of a continue wall pattern. Note also the dark stain color they chose which makes the pine panels appear to be a hardwood walunt.  Yet another method of using Weldtex.

Our typical plywood wall panels run in 23 7/8” widths by 96” height, or 15 7/8” wide by 96 high. If you would like to get more information go to our ordering/pricing page for more details.  We offer a variety of ceiling and wall tile sizes to help you with your interior mid-century wall covering ideas.