The common aspect of our material at Vintage Plywood Millworks is the striated or combed effect milled into the face of the wood. This results in a very unique grooved pattern that plays wonderfully with light and shadow.

To the right is a picture of the interior of the Holiday Lounge in New York. Recently it was remodeled using our Weldtex panels on the interior walls. Go HERE for more pictures.

Basically there are two forms that the striated texture can be milled into:

Plywood and Solid Wood

Because this milling requires at least 1/8” thick veneer, we use the common 3/8” thick panel, the plywood variations are currently limited to pine plywood This was how it was originally produced in the mid-century, and is therefore most commonly found in this form as wall panels, ceiling tiles, and even in furniture. Our plywood panels our limited to a maximum size of 23 7/8” x 96”. For wall applications, these panels can be placed side by side and due to the striations, the seam is virtually invisible.

Solid Hardwood

Though hardwood plywood is not appropriate for combing, solid wood (planks) is very suitable and is a relatively new product for our company. Because solid wood has no veneer, it works beautifully for the combed effect.

Clear Western Red Cedar

Cedar is also available in solid stock, in tongue and groove or square edge material. Tongue and groove clear cedar material is commonly used for interior wall applications, or exterior siding applications.

combed 1x6 cedar

T and G cedar separated

solid cedar combed

T and G cedar joined

Typically in 1×4 or 1×8 widths, this is a special order, please call or email for more information.